Deep Space Travel and Aliens; the Bizarre Early Morning Dream

I cannot believe I am this close to the big blue orb called Neptune! It looks like a beautiful blue marble or a hand blown glass sphere with myriad shades of blue flowing in abstract shapes. I can see a billion stars around me; this vast endless space is so peaceful. I am floating in this big white ship; heading home after the greatest adventure of my life…

Humans discovered a planet in a galaxy far, far, away. But a greater discovery was that there were aliens living on it and they had a breathable atmosphere just like the Earth; we studied their radio wave signals. And an even greater discovery was that of a wormhole, which meant we could travel to this planet. How this wormhole came into existence, no one knows. Maybe the aliens somehow created it.

After a considerable amount of interaction, we decided to explore their planet. And off we went to embark on the greatest interstellar journey of our lives; traveling in deep space, crossing all the limits. The mission was to study their planet and how to improve our dying planet.

As we traversed the wormhole, I could see the beautiful nebula clusters, they really did look like someone painted them in space. Nebulae are clusters of gases, space dust and stars; I really love how they look psychedelic. The sights were so incredible!

When we reached the planet, the aliens welcomed us warmly. They were blue, short, scaly, primitive beings but by no means were they primitive in their demeanor. Very quickly it became apparent that they did not have any of the human traits like greed, prejudice or bigotry. They all lived in perfect harmony, with each other as well as with nature. Their planet was no Pandora but it was just as beautiful, replete with vast greenery and beautiful waterfalls and mountains and beaches.

We spent a considerable amount of time there studying them and their planet. When time came to return home, we took many aliens aboard with us to help them understand Earth. Now as we arrived on Earth we shockingly discovered that the humans who came back from their planet looked exactly like them on Earth.

As time went by, there were numerous missions back and forth, humans living there, aliens living here; it was truly a remarkable era. But as we began to co-exist, the aliens began to see why humans were losing their planet. They tried teaching them harmony but failed miserably. A time came when the humans began misbehaving with the aliens and they began feeling frustrated. They heard that humans had begun misbehaving on their planet too. They realized that they could not get rid of humans easily.

One day, when the aliens had had enough, they decided to do something about it. They planned a coup and kidnapped various people at important positions. The humans never saw it coming.

An alien grabbed me by the neck, looked me in the eye and threw me down from atop a roof; as I am falling down, hurtling downwards, I realize we humans ruined it again and the aliens will either take over the planet or destroy us and then go back to their planet. We ruined their harmony.

And then, I wake up.

This dream made no sense or I have absolutely no idea why I saw it. Sure the movies Interstellar and Avatar had to have been an influence here, but why would I dream of this? Well, I always have the most bizarre and geekiest dreams ever! I often dream about floating in deep space, making my way through those beautiful nebulae, seeing the most incredible sights anyone can ever imagine. I have dreamt of aliens too before. My best friend usually gets jealous as he would love to see dreams like these but never does. But this one was way too weird and for the first time, a dream turned out be, more like a Hollywood movie!

This probably is also a result of spending my teenage years with my astronomy obsessed brother Indranil. He was a member of a local amateur astronomers’ club and he used to bring a projector and slides at home. He also used to buy astronomy books and I ended up reading them. When he was sick with kidney failure, he was in regular touch via emails with the famous Indian astronomer, Dr. Jayant Narlikar. This rubbed off on me a lot because since then I have been very interested in astronomy myself. And I keep geeking out on Star Trek, Star Wars and all the space travel and alien movies; like Interstellar, The Abyss, the miniseries Taken, etc. He’d have been really happy to see Interstellar, it is one of the best Nolan movies and the science is accurate.

But I really love my deep space dreams; I boldly go where no human has ever gone before.


4 thoughts on “Deep Space Travel and Aliens; the Bizarre Early Morning Dream

  1. I’m not sure why you had this dream, but you should write it into a screenplay and send it to a studio. At one stage of my life, I kept a dream diary for a while, which was very interesting. Among the more memorable ones I had were a cartoon dream, and another time, a silent dream. I’m not sure my family believed me when I told them, but it’s really not all that strange. If you can imagine it, you can dream it. 🙂

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    1. That’s what my friend told me. She said the only way she could understand my dream was if a movie was made on it. 😛 I usually note down the most bizarre dreams, I like to try to interpret them. 🙂 And you are absolutely right, if you can imagine it, you can dream it. 🙂

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