The Sun Will Rise and a New Day Will Dawn

I was on twitter today when I came across this incredibly amazing tweet:

Sun will rise

This tweet gave me a lot of strength. I wasn’t particularly negative, but it did bring to the fore the stress I have been under lately and how it calmed me down immediately.

Change is inevitable and everything changes. Except, sun rising and setting. The Earth rotates and revolves around the sun without fail. Days change into nights and nights change into days. No matter what happens, this cycle keeps on moving. There are so many curveballs that life throws at us, there are so many hurdles that we need to cross; accepting the changes and moving ahead is the only way we can survive.

Recently, I had to cross over numerous hurdles to finally join an organization, where I have always wanted to be. There were so many obstacles in my path, it took me a long time to negotiate the notice period and thrn signing offer letter, once this was resolved, my joining got delayed by a week, and I had to run from pillar to post trying to arrange a certain document. And I had no control over it. It was a document that I needed from one place to submit it to the new place. Somehow I got it after much haggling and I was able to join. But it didn’t stop there. Turns out my team will be moving to a location where there are no direct buses from my home. Spending quite a bit of money on one way transport is my only option, (Uber to the rescue). I hate driving every day but since I know of a few shortcuts, I have cut the distance of 11 kms to 8 kms and I am able to drive without much stress, which is very rare in Bangalore. I was almost in a state of panic, how would I manage to get to work? But then I decided that no matter what happens, this is a job that I wanted. I must tackle the situation calmly and just go with the flow, no matter the cost. What’s the worst that will happen? I will just have to spend lesser on certain things every month; that is no big deal. And who knows, with a little bit of time, I can earn that money back by giving it my 100%. Plus my weekend teaching gig should also get me a little relief.

This is the reason why I haven’t published my blog till now; I simply had no time the entire week. I don’t even know how the week flew by. But the good thing is that the people are nice and I had fun in my first week at the new place. I have no work but I am getting to know everyone and observing the work that they do.

I am digressing here; my point is, there will be many such moments when we see that nothing is going right. Either there will be changes that we never anticipated or wanted, or things will just keep derailing. The past one year has been like that for me, but there were a few things that did go absolutely right and this tweet made me realize that life travels in constant flux. If today I have so much trouble, there will be moments of pure happiness coming my way. I finally did succeed in my goals. I could have panicked, felt hopeless and helpless, but the new day did come and I am much more relaxed now than before.

Recently I had come across a meme online which said, “When life gives you lemons, f*** the lemonade and let’s get drunk!”

I apologize for using the f word here, but this makes sense. Getting drunk is an individual choice, but basically, we just got to get out and have fun. Do whatever that makes us happy. I am reading books, listening to music, watching my favorite crime shows and having fun with my friends. 

And we should never panic, it won’t help. Go for a walk, breathe the fresh air in and out,  and always believe that the new day will bring somwthing good. My Uber solution was a result of calm and rational thought along with the realisation that the reward of working at my dream place was far too important than getting bogged down by the rocky path before it. 

Besides, nothing good in life ever comes easy! 

And whatever may happen, the night will give way to day, it won’t hold back for anything in this world! 


4 thoughts on “The Sun Will Rise and a New Day Will Dawn

  1. True! Nothing good in this life comes easy. The best example to make us understand the law of direct proportions is the relation between ‘Labour(Hard Work) and Result’, ‘Risk and Reward’. It is crazy how we can instantly relate and calm ourselves down by just a small scene, message, tweet, the smallest of experience we come across. Small things do matter.
    So, now when you are finally out of the melancholic phase, go ahead, give it your best, grab some choco truffles and enjoy every moment as it comes.
    All the very best for the new venture.

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    1. True Mohak!! Im out of that phase now. Maybe I’ve repeated this in previous blogs but there have been many ups and downs for me and each have affected me. But everytime there has been a text or a tweet or Roger himself who pulled me out of the downs. Now whatever downs maybe on my path, I have the strength to deal with them positively. All the negativity is out of my system.

      There was a time when I had to constantly repeat that things will work out, now I truly know. Dad’s health was also down and he is also on his way to recovery, all the downs are righting themselves one by one. I am at peace now. 🙂

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