Soul-Stirring Teenage Music Influences and Nostalgia

What is it about old songs? The songs that you listened to when you were a kid. Its just by happenstance that I stumbled on this song called Cloud Number 9 by Bryan Adams; which triggered a flurry of memories in me. All the Bryan Adams’ songs that I used to obsess about came to the fore.

Thankfully there are apps these days that come to your rescue. I immediately went on the “Gaana” app where I could listen to all his songs, one after the other. I hadn’t really listened to these songs in a long while, so when I did, my brain went into an over drive and recalled the lyrics of these songs; I could sing all of them word for word. Of course I am a horrible singer, so I kept singing in a very low voice; but it was amazing.

I remember I had received the results of my exam after I had heard Cloud Number 9 a couple of times. The song resonated with me as I was happy to have passed the exam despite the fear of failure. In those days I used to be a starry-eyed kid, I had crushes and Bryan Adams kept reinforcing that phase in me. And so did the Backstreet Boys.

My brother used to listen to Bon Jovi, The Doors and Pink Floyd; I listened to them but I did not have the maturity to understand them. I particularly began appreciating Pink Floyd right after my brother passed away. But I began to really understand the others much later. I was 16 by then and a couple of more years later I was exploring them further.

I have always had a very eclectic taste, I could listen to music from so many genres and eras since my childhood. Grace à my musically inclined family, I had been exposed to almost all the genres and eras of music. I could listen to anyone, from the Backstreet Boys to Pavarotti. The Backstreet Boys were my favorite boy band in my teenage years, along with Boyzone, Westlife and Take That. I was so obsessed with them, but I loved all other kinds of music too.

I am a 90s kid. The songs from the 80s and 90s are the most influential on me. The song called Take on Me by A-ha or any songs by the Cranberries and Mike + the Mechanics always make a huge impact on me. As I grew up, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Abba; all of them influenced me a lot.

They say that the music we listen to in our teenage years remain our favorite all our life. I reckon its because we tend to associate a lot of our feelings and emotions with the songs that we listen to at that age. As we are in that process of growing up, we often go through moments of confusion, chaos, bliss, fun, happiness and sorrow, and all these songs help us in traversing this unpredictable path, helping us in trying to understand the complex situations of life. We also forge our strongest friendships at that age and music cements that bonding. I think its a fact as I always feel happy when I come across the music I loved in my teenage years. Pink Floyd and Westlife were the two bands that got me through my brother’s death. David Guetta’s Titanium, with its very powerful lyrics and Sia’s haunting voice got me through a very tough time on the professional front. Or how Cloud Number 9 made my happiness extra special. Music generally makes me happy, but these old treasures give me a special feeling. So many times I get goosebumps, its amazing! The nostalgia makes the music more sweeter to the heart and the soul.

Music is a universal language, it has the power to build bridges between different people. It is a stress buster, a soul healer and something that permeates through generations. I love how it connects people across ages and backgrounds. And when we listen to the familiar words or notes, it just transports us back in time to make us think about those golden moments that hold such a special place in our heart.


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